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Bobby Fuller

Lead Singer, The Bobby Fuller Four

Died 18/7/66 Suicide/Accident Asphyxiation (23)


Jimi Hendrix

Lead Singer/Guitarist,

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Died 18/9/70 Barbiturate Overdose (27)


Jim Morrison

Lead Singer, The Doors

Died 3/7/71. Heart Failure/Heroin Overdose (27)


Nick Drake

Singer - Songwriter

Died 25/11/74. Suicide by acute amitriptyline poisoning—self-administered (26)


Phil Ochs

Topical Singer - Songwriter

Died 9/4/76. Suicide by Hanging (35)


Tommy Boilin

Guitarist, Zephyr, Deep Purple

Died 4/12/76.  Overdose of heroin, alcohol, cocaine and barbiturates (25)


Elvis Presley

Died 16/8/77. Congestive Heart Failure (42)


Keith Moon

Drummer, The Who

Died 7/9/78.  Overdose of the prescription drug Heminevrin, prescribed to combat alcoholism (32)


Donna Hathaway

Duet, Roberta Flack

Died 13/1/79. Suicide by Jumping (33)


Sid Vicious

Bassist Sex Pistols

Died 2/2/79. Heroin overdose (21)


Larry Williams

Rock n Roll Singer, Songwriter

Died 7/1/80. Suicide by Gunshot


Bon Scott

Lead Singer ACDC

Died 19/2/80. Alchol Intoxication (33)


Ian Curtis

Lead Singer Joy Division

Died 18/5/80. Suicide by hanging (23)


Jon Bonham

Drummer Led Zeppelin

Died 25/9/80. Alcohol Intoxication. Vomit Inhilation



Darby Crash

Lead Singer Germs

Died 7/12/80. Suicide by intentional heroin suicide (22)


John Belushi

The Blues Brothers

Died 5/3/82. Cocaine and Heroin overdose (33)


Danny Rapp

Frontman, Danny & The Juniors

Died 3/4/83. Suicide by Gunshot (41)


Phil Lynott

Lead Singer, Thin Lizzy

Died 4/1/86. Complications of Heroin/Alcohol Addiction (36)


John Spence

Lead Singer of Ska Band, No Doubt

Died 21/12/87. Suicide by Gunshot (18)


Hillel Slovak

Guitarist, Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Died 25/6/88. Heroin overdose (26)


Andy Wood

Lead Singer, Mother Love Bone

Died 19/3/90. Overdosed to Heroin (24 G)


Per "Dead" Ohlin

Lead Singer, Mayhem

Died 8/4/91. Suicide, Slit Wrist, Gun Wound (22)


Steve Marriot

Lead Singer, Small Faces, Humble Pie

Died 20/4/91. Burnt in house (44)


GG Allin

Sang with The Murder Junkies

Died 28/6/93. Overdose heroin (36)


River Phoenix

Died 31/10/93. Heart Failure. Overdose (23)


Kurt Cobain

Lead Singer Nirvana

Died 5/4/94. Suicide by Gunshot (27 G)


Shannon Hoon

Lead Singer Blind Melon

Died 21/10/95. Cocaine Overdose (28 G)


Bradley Nowell

Lead Singer Sublime

Died 25/5/96. Heroin Overdose (28 G)


Jim Ellison

Lead Singer Material Issue

Died 20/6/96. Suicide by Carbon Monoxide (32)


Jonathon Melvoin

Keyboardist, Smashing Pumpkins

Died 12/7/96. Heroin Overdose (34)


Billy Mackenzie

Lead Singer The Associates

Died 22/1/97. Suicide by overdose paracetimol and combination medications (39)


Jeff Buckley

Died 29/5/97. Accidental Drowning (30)


Nick Traina

Lead Singer, Link 80

Died 20/9/97. Morphine Overdose (19)


Michael Hutchence

Lead Singer INXS

Died 22/11/97. Suicide By Hanging (37)


Hide (Hideto Matsumoto)

Lead Guitarist, X Japan

Died 2/5/98. Suicide by Hanging (33)


Rozz Williams

Lead Singer Christian Death

Died 1/4/98. Suicide by Hanging (34)


Adrian Borland

Frontman post-punk band, The Sound

Died 26/4/99. Suicide by Jumping in front of Train (41)


Layne Staley

Lead Singer Alice in Chains

Died 5/4/02. Heroin & Cocaine (speedball) overdose (34 G)


Dee Dee Ramone

Bassist, Vocalist The Ramones

Died 5/6/02. Heroin Overdose (50) 


Elliot Smith

Vocalist, Guitarist Heatmiser

Died 21/10/03. Suicide By Stabbing (34)


Paul Hester

Drummer Crowded House, Split Enz

Died 26/3/05. Suicide By Hanging (46)


Dave Lepard

Lead Singer, Guitarist Crashdiet

Died 13/1/06. Suicide by Hanging (25)


Gerald Levert

Vocalist Levert

Died 10/11/06. Prescription overdose (40)


Brad Delp

Lead Singer Boston

Died 9/3/07. Suicide by Carbon Monoxide (55)


Kevin DuBrow

Lead Singer Quiet Riot

Died 25/11/07. Cocain Overdose (52)


Ike Turner

Ike & Tina Turner

Died 12/12/07. Cocain overdose (76)


Cliff Davies

Drummer, Vocals Ted Nudent Band

Died 13/4/08. Suicide by Self Inflict Gunshot (59)


Sean Costello

Died 15/4/08. Accidental overdose (28)


Levi Kereama

Australian Idol

Died 4/10/08. Suicide by jumping


Michael Jackson

Died 25/6/09.  Response to Anesthetic propofol and the Anxiolytic lorazepam (50)


Mark Linkous

Lead Singer, Sparklehorse

Died 6/3/10. Suicide by Gun Shot to Heart (47)


Jani Lane

Lead Singer Warrant

Died 11/8/11. Acute Alcohol Poisining


Ronnie Montrose

Lead Guitarist Montrose

Died 3/3/12. Suicide Gun Shot Head (64)


Capital Steez

Founding Rapper, Pro Era

Died 23/12/12. Suicide by Jumping (19)


Chris 'Mac Daddy' Kelly

Kriss Kross

Died 1/5/13. Overdose mix cocaine and heroin (34)


Cory Monteith

Main role GLEE

Died 13/7/13. Heroin/Alcohol Overdose (31)


Dave Brockie

Lead Singer GWAR

Died 23/3/14. Heroin Overdose (50)


Wayne Static

Lead Singer X-Static

Died 1/11/14. Oxycodone, hydromorphone, alprazolam combined with alcohol overdose (48)


Scott Weiland

Lead Singer STP, Velvet Revolver

Died 3/12/15. Cocaine, Ethanol and methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDA) overdose (48 G)



Died 21/4/16. Fentanyl overdose (57)


Bored Nothing

9/10/16. Suicide (26)


Craig Gill

Drummer Inspiral Carpets

Died 22/11/16. Suicide by hanging (44)


George Michael


Died 25/11/16. Heart Failure. Liquid G use? (53)



Drummer The Allman Brothers Band

Died 24/1/17. Suicide by Self Inflict Gun Shot Wound to the head (69)


Chris Cornell

Lead Singer Soundgarden

Died 18/5/2017. Suicide by Hanging (52 G)


Chester Bennington

Lead Singer STP and Linkin Park

Died 20/07/2017. Suicide By Hanging (41)


Lip Peep

Died 15/11/17. Overdose by Fentanyl (21)


Kim Jong-hyun

Died 18/12/17. Suicide by Carbon Monoxide (27)

Honouring The Men in Music who have died, overdosed or suicided